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At Criterion Plumbers, we are committed to continuing our long-lasting legacy of innovation and integrity. Whether the job is one toilet in a customer’s home or an entire sports stadium plumbing, our team is equally dedicated to serving our customers like family. Criterion Plumbers is a truly versatile plumbing company handling all plumbing related needs in residential and commercial buildings, such as apartments, single-family dwellings, malls, hospitals, schools, and much more. Our operations are local but also extend further. We specialize in additions or build-outs, remodels, and on new construction in which we can lay the groundwork to ensure all plumbing needs will be appropriately planned for in a new space. Regardless of the size of the need, our team at Criterion Plumbers is dedicated to quality work and satisfied customers.



CSLB LICENSE # 1057954



For over 8 years, Chris has been serving his community by providing excellence, honesty, and integrity through plumbing. His dedication and meticulous workmanship speak for themselves once his final product is delivered to the Client.

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