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It’s easy to take our water supply for granted. Water normally gets delivered efficiently, whether it’s to take a shower, do the dishes, just get a cold drink on a hot day. But when a drain is clogged, those activities, and more, suddenly get more difficult or impossible. Our Idaho Falls drain repair team can diagnose your problem and get the plumbing system back to its usual efficient self.

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Problems Caused by a Clogged Drain

Drain clogs are commonly caused by a buildup of debris over time, including hair, soap scum, food, and other foreign objects that find their way down the drain. The blockages that these create can cause several problems for homeowners.

When the normal strong blast isn’t coming out of the showerhead, it’s possible that a drain clog could be the reason. An even bigger tell is when the water is still trying to swirl down the drain five minutes after the shower has been turned off. The same dynamic can exist at a kitchen sink or elsewhere, with water from the tap being frustratingly slow, or the draining process being interminably long.

These problems can fall in the category of annoyances, but they can lead to bigger issues ahead. A clogged drain can turn into a cracked pipe. The reason is that the clog prevents the free flow of water, allowing buildups at certain pressure points. That pressure, which the pipes are not designed for, can create a burst and a damaging leak. 

Property damage is serious, but a water problem can also lead to negative health consequences. A drain that is clogged might produce bacteria and mold, and that can get into water used for drinking or cooking. The bacteria and mold can also get in the air, causing respiratory problems for those in the house. At a bare minimum, the home will have a very unpleasant odor.

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The Symptoms of a Clogged Drain

Some of the symptoms of a clogged drain can be discerned by looking at the problems they cause — slow-moving water, moldy-smelling air, and water that suddenly tastes strange. Other symptoms might simply be heard. When a gurgling noise is heard about the house, it’s possible a clogged drain is causing it. Rattling is another possible sign when sediment hardens in the pipes and bounces around. Those are the sounds of pipes calling for help.

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The sooner a drain clog can be diagnosed, the better the odds are of an efficient repair. That’s one reason we’re committed to same-day service. There’s no need to let a problem linger when it can be solved quickly.

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