Water Softener Maintenance Plan

Join Criterion Plumbers Water Softener Maintenance Plan for access to premium plumbing maintenance plans and more guaranteed satisfaction.

We’re Now Offering The Water Softener Maintenance Plan

Service Includes:

  • Salt Delivery Service
  • Water Hardness Testing
  • Unit Settings Check & Adjustment
  • Free Bacteria Test
  • Waived Service Fee for Water Softener Unit Issues

Benefits of Program Membership:

  • Save Time & Hassle with Salt Purchases
  • Regular Water Softener Performance & Maintenance Checks
  • Salt Tank Refills with Proper Grade & Type
  • Scheduled Salt Delivery Every Two Months (No Need to Call)

Referral Program:

  • Refer a friend or family member
  • Get $1.00 off for each successful referral
  • Refer 30 friends/family for a FREE membership


  • Free membership incentive requires 30 active paying referrals tied to member’s account

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