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Criterion Plumbers understands how important a functioning sewer line is to your home and to the community. Our Idaho Falls sewer repair professionals offer same-day scheduling, aimed at the efficient diagnosis and repair of any issues.

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Why Sewer Lines Are Important

A functioning sewer line is a key part of a healthy and safe home. Sewer lines make it possible to remove wastewater from a home quickly, which keeps the property clean and free from contamination. If a sewer line stops working properly, the sewage can back up into the house, creating an unpleasant and dangerous mess that is full of bacteria and poses serious health risks. 

Additionally, maintaining a functioning sewer line ensures that wastewater is disposed of correctly, so it doesn’t end up in local water sources where it could harm people and wildlife. 

How Sewer Lines Get Damaged

There are some problems that property owners can address themselves — namely, by watching what gets flushed down the toilet. Paper towels can clog up a sewer line, as can other debris that is more properly put into the garbage. 

With proper care, sewer lines can last for years. As the pipes get older, vulnerability increases. Older pipes are more susceptible to cracks and corrosion. Over time, tree roots can grow into the pipes, causing blockages that need to be removed. Additionally, grease and other materials can build up on the inside of the pipes, eventually causing a clog. If left unaddressed, these problems can lead to serious issues like sewage backups and flooding.

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Sewer Lines

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The Warning Signs of Sewer Line Damage

There are several warning signs that your sewer line is damaged or not functioning properly. Unusual odors in your home or yard can be a sign that there is a sewer backup. 

If the water from toilets, sinks, and showers is draining slowly when you flush or wash, it could mean that the sewer lines are blocked or have collapsed. Is there standing water around the house? That may indicate a sewage leak outside the building. 

Sewer line damage can also manifest as unusual sounds coming from the pipes, such as gurgling, bubbling, and grinding. Frequent sewage backups can indicate serious underlying issues and should be inspected immediately by a plumber. 

Another warning sign that we hate to tell people is that their bright green lawn could be because sewer line leaks are giving that lawn constant watering from underneath. Yes, it makes the grass lush and green, but at a considerable cost.

Reliable Help from a Local Plumbing Contractor

Criterion Plumbers is locally owned, and we understand the unique issues and requirements within each municipality regarding sewer line repair and maintenance. 

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