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No one likes to deal with plumbing issues, especially when there’s a leak that needs to be dealt with. Criterion Plumbers knows that customers just want their problem correctly diagnosed and efficiently fixed. That’s what we aim to provide on each and every service call. Once a leak is repaired, we work with people on the best approach for maintenance, so future problems can be reduced.

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Five Signs of Water Leaks

The sooner a leak is identified, the better the chance there is of a cost-efficient repair being possible.

Some of the warning signs to be alert for include: 

  • Water discoloration: This might be in the shower or the sink. Discoloration can also happen on the walls. If the pipe behind the wall breaks, the water will seep onto it. From the homeowner’s side of the wall, this will manifest as a brownish color.
  • Puddles: Water can start to puddle near the source of the leak. Common places where this can happen include the washing machine, a toilet, or the sink. As “signs” go, this one is pretty direct, and should inspire fast action to get a repair tech on the job.
  • Higher bills: Our water bills are rarely exactly the same each month, but they tend to stay in a certain, predictable range. When a homeowner sees their bill suddenly spike, it’s time to be suspicious of a leak. If there is not another logical explanation — such as more loads of laundry — then a professional can help to bring peace of mind.
  • The ceiling sags: A leak from a pipe that’s running near the ceiling will be evident to homeowners. The discoloration noted above is one possibility. It’s also possible that the weight of the absorbed water will cause the ceiling to noticeably sag.
  • Musty odors: Rooms that don’t get a lot of airflow can be particularly vulnerable to this. An example might be the area where a washer/dryer is set up. If the leak is happening there, the tip-off might be musty air.

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Water Leaks

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Five Consequences of Water Leaks

If not properly repaired, the consequences of water damage can include: 

  • Damaged walls and ceilings: Discoloration run amok may reach a point that a wholescale interior renovation becomes necessary.
  • Damaged carpeting and furniture: If the leak gets all the way to the interior of the house, the problems can become more than just discoloring. They could leave the homeowner shopping for a new carpets and couches.
  • Property damage: Even more costly can be damage to the foundation of the house. This isn’t just the cost of repair — it’s the loss of potential resale value on your home.
  • Contaminated water: Once a pipe is compromised, it’s vulnerable to contaminants getting inside, which will damage the quality of water throughout the house.
  • Moldy air: The mold in the air does more than produce an unpleasant odor. It can lead to serious respiratory problems and cause immediate damage to those who may already have breathing issues.

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