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The gas line serves a vital function in our homes, from supplying fuel to appliances to providing heat. The gas line might be what keeps your water heater in working order. Damage to this vital plumbing line can be more than detrimental to your daily life — it can be dangerous. Our Idaho Falls gas line repair technicians work with customers to help them understand the most common causes of damage.

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The Common Causes of Gas Line Damage

Everything has a lifespan, and gas lines are no different. Corrosion is one of the most common causes of gas line damage. The pipes can corrode due to exposure to moisture or chemicals, resulting in small holes or cracks. This can create dangerous leaks that must be addressed immediately to prevent potentially explosive results. A proper sealant or coating can be used to protect pipes from corroding.

Mistakes at installation are another potential cause of failure. This includes installing them too close together, which might cause them to rub against each other and create holes that would allow for a potential leak.

Our plumbing systems interact with nature, and over time, they can end up on a collision course. A prime example is when tree roots penetrate the pipelines, leading to blockages or breaks in the system.

It’s also possible that a gas line has multiple valves, all of which control the flow. If one valve starts to malfunction, it will impact the rest of the system. It’s important in these and in all situations where a problem exists to get our Idaho Falls gas line repair professionals out there ASAP to take a look.

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The Warning Signs of Gas Line Damage

A gas leak can cause significant damage to both people and property. One common sign of gas line damage is an unexplained increase in the natural gas bills. A sudden spike in costs might mean a leak, causing natural gas to escape and drive up costs.

A foul odor coming from any structure or area near where the gas lines run is another indication that something is amiss. Natural gas has an easily identifiable smell — like sulfur or rotten eggs — due to an additive it contains specifically so people are alerted when there is a possible leak present. If you smell anything like this, evacuate the area right away and call our plumbers. We offer same-day service, especially in emergencies like this.

Bubbling water or dirt around the ground near any exposed pipes are both hints that something might be wrong with the pipes that carry natural gas into your home. The same goes for hissing sounds, which can come from the interior of the home, or an unnatural mist developing outside the house.

Gas leaks can cause explosions, and that danger alone is reason enough to act. But there can also be longer-lasting consequences. An excess of gas can lead people to struggle with health issues that range from respiratory problems to nausea to chronic headaches. Gas leaks are deadly for plant life, preventing the roots of a plant from getting the oxygen they need. If those plants that are being watered every day suddenly start dying, consider a gas leak as the possible cause.

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Gas line leaks are nothing to fool around with, and Criterion Plumbers will act quickly to get out there and take a look. Our techs are licensed and insured, aiming to give customers a diagnosis they can trust followed by repair work that is efficiently done.

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