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Water lines are durable. It’s not uncommon for them to last for 20 years, and perhaps even much longer. When something does go wrong, plumbing problems can be extremely consequential to the well-being and way of living for everyone in the home. This pipe is called the main water line for a reason — every other pipe in the system is dependent on it. That’s why our Idaho Falls water line repair professionals are committed to same-day scheduling when people call us with a problem.

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The Consequences of Water Damage in the Home

Damage to the main water line can have devastating consequences for any household. A break in this line can cause water to flood the area, which can create a health hazard due to the potential spread of bacteria and contamination from raw sewage. In addition, it can also lead to property damage caused by water seeping into walls and floors, leading to mold growth or structural damage.

In order to prevent this kind of disaster from occurring, it is important to recognize the warning signs that indicate an issue with your main water line. As soon as you see the warning signs, call our Idaho Falls water line repair techs. We’ll have someone come out to your home ASAP.

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The Warning Signs of Water Line Damage

Early detection is as important in the health of a plumbing system as it is for our physical health.

Quickly spotting any of these warning signs and taking action can mitigate the scope of damage: 

  • An increase in water bills: If you have noticed a sudden spike in your monthly water bills, then this could be due to a leak or break somewhere in the plumbing system. The main water line is at least one possibility.
  • Wet spots or soggy patches around your property: This is usually an indication of a broken pipe leaking on or beneath the surface of your lawn. It’s also possible that a beautiful green lawn is getting that way because of the extra water coming from a damaged pipe.
  • Low water pressure throughout your home: When there is damage to the main line, it will lead to decreased water flow throughout the house. You may notice sinks and showers producing only a trickle instead of their regular jet-like stream.
  • Gurgling noises coming from underground: This is usually caused by air bubbles escaping as they fight their way through blockages in pipes below ground level, which can indicate a serious problem with the plumbing system.
  • Sudden warm patches on walls or floors: This may mean that hot water is somehow seeping out and making its way into your home where it shouldn’t be, which indicates something isn’t working correctly in the piping system behind the scenes.
  • Foundation cracks: If you start seeing cracks along the foundations of your home, then this could mean that soil has shifted due to excess moisture buildup near it, which could likely signify a hidden leak nearby. Foundation cracks can be devastating to the value of the home.

Same-Day Service & Reliable Repair

When a water line is damaged, people need work done fast, and they need it done well. Criterion Plumbers exists to provide a reliable diagnosis, followed by efficient repair work, and we aim to deliver that on the same day the customer reaches out to us for help.

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