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Criterion Plumbers should be your first choice of plumbers in Idaho Falls. We are equipped to find resolutions to plumbing and gas line issues that may arise within your home or business. Gas lines become corroded over time due to weather and nature. Other factors also might cause these lines to deteriorate. If you are concerned about the cost of services, you can visit our service plan page to learn how some of these plans can help you save money. With dedication, we promise to find solutions to resolve these issues on a personal level, treating our customers like family. 

Causes of Gas Line Damage

There are a variety of factors that can cause damage to your gas lines. Over time, moisture or chemicals can cause small holes and cracks in your pipes, leading to corrosion. If gas lines are initially installed too close together, they can unfortunately rub up against another, causing damage, as well. Criterion Plumbers can diagnose and address these issues so gas safely flows through your pipe lines. 

When to Call Criterion Plumbers

If you suspect an issue, reach out to us today to be your plumbers in Idaho Falls. Gas line plumbing issues can be costly and ultimately dangerous if left unattended. The following issues may be signs that there are issues with your gas line in your home:

  • Higher gas bills – If gas is leaking from a pipe, it will take more effort to reach your home, raising your monthly gas bills.
  • Foul odor – A sulfur, or rotten egg, scent is mixed into natural gas to alert people when a gas leak is occurring. Since gas doesn’t have a smell, this is done purposely to warn people when there may be a problem. 
  • Dry plants – Gas can starve plants from oxygen at their root, causing depletion of vegetation outside around your home.
  • Health Issues – Chronic headaches or sudden respiratory issues can be caused by gas leaks. Your health may also decline from breathing in these fumes  in other ways, too. 

Protect Your Health & Home with Criterion Plumbers

People don’t generally realize that the above symptoms can be caused by a gas line leak. Gas leaks can ultimately be very dangerous, causing unsuspected explosions. If you are witnessing any of the warning signs and are in need of plumbers in Idaho Falls, call Criterion Plumbers today at 208-358-9335 or request an estimate on our website.