At Criterion Plumbers, we encourage our customers to get their sewer serviced regularly. If you need an Idaho Falls plumbing company, we can help you proactively prevent sewer issues or repair line problems you may be dealing with. We know the importance of sewer functionality, so we offer same-day scheduling for quick diagnosis and repairs!

idaho falls plumbing companyWhen should you get your sewer serviced

Many sewer lines can last for years if properly taken care of over time. Unfortunately, certain instances can cause trouble for your sewer lines. Whether it be time or unforeseen objects being flushed down your toilet, sewer lines can become more vulnerable to breaking. Some of the following symptoms can be warning signs that your sewer line is damaged:

  • Unusual odor: Strange odors in your home can signify that water is not draining properly from your toilet, getting stuck in the pipes. Over time, the stagnant water starts to smell, producing odor in your home.
  • Slow drainage: Water that drains slowly down toilets, sinks, and showers can mean that a sewer line is blocked or collapsed. Standing water outside of your home could also indicate these issues are being caused by a sewage leak. 
  • Strange sounds: Do you hear unusual gurgling, bubbling, or grinding coming from your pipes? These are prime warning signs that there is a major sewer issue in your home. You should reach out to Criterion Plumbers immediately to prevent further damage!
  • Lush vegetation: You may be happy that your lawn looks abnormally green, but this could mean there is a sewer leak continuously “watering” your yard at a costly price. 

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